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Why You Need An Online Portfolio

Without professional presence online what are the chances of being discovered by a client?


We live in a digital world and people expect to find things online. We take it for granted that we can find whatever we're looking for on the internet with a simple Google search. When's the last time that you searched online for something, or someone, and didn't find anything on the first page of Google? You had some serious doubts about the legitimacy of that topic didn't you?

Your potential clients are no different. They too want to find talent as simply and easily as possible.

An Opportunity To Stand Out

It's true that the modeling and acting industries have traditionally emphasized the physical comp card, headshot prints, and paper resume. That's still around and probably isn't going to entirely disappear in the next couple of years, but this actually presents a great opportunity for you to stand out. By not only relying on ‘upon request' physical resumes you can stand out from your competition, make your potential client's life easier, and project a professional personal brand.

If your competition is going to rely on the old way of doing things then you can differentiate yourself as someone who takes their career seriously. Landing the dream gig isn't only what happens in front of the camera or the audience. The image you project to casting directors and the care you put into it is what will get you there.

A Way To Stay Current

Just as important as having a portfolio online is keeping it up to date. Everyone, regardless of industry, is pretty bad about keeping their portfolio updated. I know I was. But it's very important to keep your best, most recent work, up there and in front of potential clients. It keeps your look current. It shows that you're working and improving. Most importantly it shows that you care. When I review portfolios of potential employees that are clearly out of date, sometimes by years, it causes me to seriously question not only how much they really care about the job but also whether they've been improving or gaining experience over those years.

It's Easier Than You Think

Let's face it. The reason we don't keep our portfolios updated is because it's a pain. It involves reflecting and documenting our past experiences and it's so much more fun to focus forward on the future. Sometimes it's because we're fortunate enough to be too busy working. Of course if we want to stay that busy this is exactly when we need to be focusing on marketing and keeping our brand up to date.

Though Snapfolio can't decide what belongs in your portfolio update for you it does make it a heck-of-a-lot easier to make the actual update. Once you decide what you'd like to update, whether that's adding, removing, or changing you'll just send us an email with your updated materials. That's it. We want to make sure that you've always got the most current image of who you are available to prospective clients. We want to help you stay busy working. We do that by removing all that hassle from making the update. Your time is best spent focusing on your talent and career, not building a website.

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