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The Beginning - Where Snapfolio Came From

Snapfolio began as a birthday present for my sister, Mia.

I wanted to help her market herself further and find new opportunities for her modelling. She had such wonderful photography that she had invested a lot of time and money in but it was only ever seen upon request. There was no way for a new client, casting director, or agent to discover her.

The website I created as her birthday gift ended up being simple, clean, and geared towards showcasing her beautiful photography. It focused on her and ignored unnecessary detail or decoration. She was what mattered and what was important. Additionally I made her a custom logo and a set of business cards to complete the package.

She was thrilled. Well...more speechless. There may have been tears. Apparently your first website can be a rather emotional experience.

Snapfolio has grown from that initial philosophy of simplicity and clarity. Both in use and in presentation. That initial bundle of portfolio, logo, and business cards provides all the materials to get started with self promotion and getting you name out there.

In trying to better understand how to provide something like Mia’s portfolio to other models and actors I asked her about why she didn’t have a portfolio online before this. What I learned has shaped the setup process for Snapfolio today. She said that she just didn’t know how to get started and that everything seemed so complicated. She really didn’t have the time to waste trying to figure out complicated blog configuration tools or the intricate setup wizards for personal sites. She also told me about the questionable pricing practices and the abundance of hidden fees. I know Snapfolio had to be dead simple. I knew it could be.

That’s why Snapfolio uses the simplest setup method possible. Sending an email. It’s also why the pricing is clear and upfront. Snapfolio is built specifically to help models and actors with their online portfolio because, well, it started to help my sister with her portfolio online.

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